Visiting students from India, committed to Social Responsibility programs

Within the framework of an international exchange program, the Business Administration Faculty welcomed 20 MBA students from India, who will offer counseling services, free of charge, to small local entrepreneurs and vulnerable communities.

The Business Administration, Emerging Markets Initiatives (EMI) program, in its fifth international exchange program, welcomes 20 MBA students from the SPJIMR University of Bombay, India.

During their stay, the visitors will offer counseling, free of charge, to small local entrepreneurs and vulnerable communities, and also participate in innovation workshops.

EMI is an international exchange activity constituted by a continuous education applied exercise and free organizational consulting directed to SMEs, seeking to contribute to the inclusive economic development in the country, through management strengthening of small production units.

This goal is achieved thanks to the transmission and application of the administrative and managerial expertise of volunteer students from recognized universities around the world.

In addition to improving the management of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, the program seeks to provide a practical component and managerial skills development to the training of the participating international students.

During the process, the visitors will be accompanied by a teaching staff with relevant preparation and applied to the reality.

The EMI international exchange program allows students to participate in the Plan Padrinos Internacional (PPI); Base of the Pyramid (BoP) Challenge; EMI Workshops, and First Steps in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which focus their results in proposals for SMEs in emerging markets.