Undergraduate students return from the “Innovations and Transformations Program” digital course in the United States

Students experienced a week of executive education, focused on what companies in the world currently seek according to the development and evolution of the environment.

19 Business Administration students participated in the academic program developed together with the Northern Illinois University, accredited AACSB, in Chicago, United States.

Alejandra Benavides Moya, sixth-semester student, states: “The course exceeded my expectations; the classes’ content, the warm reception, the professors’ support, and, in general, all the collaborators at the University made our visit to NIU very enjoyable. Classes were interesting, as they also dealt with topics we are currently studying at the University. The atmosphere was definitely fitting for teaching, very comfortable and pleasant.”

During their trip, students had the opportunity to learn from international expert professors and successful students through visits to local U.S. businesses, and also attended conferences by corporate speakers.

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For Daniela Pescador, Business Administration fifth-semester student, the experience “far surpassed my expectations. On a scale of 1 to 5, it definitely rates a 5. The University attentiveness and the quality of the classes were outstanding.”

For his part, Jonnatan David Castellanos, fifth-semester student said: “I would like to thank the School of Management for working every day with many international universities and, also, for giving me the opportunity to participate in the academic trip. It was a great chance to learn about what excites me the most: doing business.”

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