Externado MBA students at Harvard University Symposia

As a result of the Master’s in Business Administration Call for the “Privilegios” Academic Excellence Program, nine students were awarded a scholarship to attend two symposiums at Harvard University.

The Business Administration Faculty selected the students through a call made within the activities promoting the recognition of academic excellence.  Among the requirements taken into account were academic performance, best essay, and English language communication.

Six students, accompanied by Business Administration Professor José Alexánder Mosquera, attended the Symposium “Management Research Trends: Nurturing Innovation” held June 4-8, 2018.

The recipients of this award were:

  • Miguel Antonio Caro
  • Juan Carlos Sepúlveda
  • Carolina Durán González
  • Eduardo Nieto
  • Angélica Gallego
  • Alejandro Prieto

Also, three MBA students attended the Symposium “Public Policy and Administration in a Disruptive and Transformative Era,” held at the Boston campus June 11-15, 2018. The beneficiaries were:

  • Iván Darío Medina
  • Laura Niño Cardoso
  • Óscar Morillo Álvarez

Ivan Dario Medina, who attended the Public Policy and Administration in a Disruptive and Transformative Era” Symposium, believes the week at Harvard was one of the most valuable experiences in his life.

“The cutting-edge knowledge acquired in different subjects is also a space for the creation of research projects contributing to the internationalization process the Externado University is experiencing, which is very relevant for today’s students,” stated the participant.

During the trip, students had the opportunity to learn about different issues from experiences of professionals from other countries, contributing to the improvement of organizational processes in Colombia.

In addition, the participants highlighted the opportunity for personal growth: “to have an unforgettable experience, being a student of a high-level course at Harvard, enjoy Boston, one of the cradles of knowledge cities, expands our vision of the professional world,” said Iván Medina.

Many commented the experience enhances their résumés and makes them more competitive in an environment of more qualified professionals, as well as the networking (professional) connections they established with high-level professionals from various countries, including professors.

For his part, Eduardo Nieto, selected to participate in the “Management Research Trends: Nurturing Innovation” Symposium, stated his experience was greatly important for his professional and intellectual development. The seminar offered information and classes imparted by PhD professors from the Harvard Business School, recognized worldwide, which addressed issues such as design thinking, innovation, strategy, and change. “These topics helped to complement and strengthen the training received at our University and strengthen my managerial skills with knowledge gained internationally,” he said and added:

“The opportunity to work on Harvard Business School cases with the Harvard PhD professors who authored them, and have professors, deans, and professionals from prestigious institutions in Spain and Latin America as fellow students, is an invaluable and enriching experience.”