Once again, Externado students visit Harvard University

The Business Administration Faculty “Privilegios” (Privileges) Program sponsored eight undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the Social Enterprise Conference, an annual event organized by the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, in the United States.

Social Enterprise Conference (SECON) is a platform for testing the limits of our understanding of social enterprise. The annual event brings together interested parties to achieve significant and measurable progress through discussions focusing on learning and actions focused on practice.

The Conference comprised speeches, lectures, and hands-on workshops. Undergraduate students having the opportunity to participate in the Conference were: Andrea Díaz Grau, Laura Ardila, Silvana Chavez Redondo, and Juan Esteban Sepúlveda.

Also traveling to Harvard were MBA students Andrés Felipe Ayala, Marycela Dominguez, Katherine Saavedra, and Sergio Deaza.

Andrea Díaz Grau says: “The dream of the eight undergraduate and MBA students came true February 10-11, 2018, at one of the most emblematic Conferences on leadership, innovation, technological, and social impacts (SECON 2018) (…). The fact of just being at one of the most prestigious universities in the world filled us with satisfaction, both personal and academic.  It was an enriching experience, thanks to the opportunity provided by the Business Administration Faculty, which fulfills its mission allowing students to grow with fundamental values to accomplish their professional and social work.”