Business Administration students visited the University of California – Riverside

Students attended a course to develop a solid understanding of marketing within the digital environment and identify best leadership practices.

Within the framework of the Externado Business Administration “Privilegios” program, twelve students, recipients of academic scholarships, attended the course “Innovative Approaches to Marketing and Leadership.”

The course objective was to develop a solid understanding of marketing within the digital environment, identify best leadership practices, recognize trends encouraging innovative thinking in organizations, and integration of strategic thinking to promote success.

“The academic mission of Riverside was an unforgettable experience; I learned many things about American culture, business marketing, and leadership practices,” said Nathalia Rivero, eighth-semester student.

“Through workshops and classes focused on different types of innovation and leadership and how they can be applied to marketing plans, we learned concepts which will be very helpful in our professional development, and learn ideas such as an entrepreneur is someone who creates something new. We learned, also, that innovation is found in our everyday life. From whatever professional position we find ourselves, we can always create something new, something better, and contribute to making things work better, creating a real difference in the development of our daily activities,” said María Andrea Moore, undergraduate program alumni.