Externado experiences WOBI, the most important world business and innovation forum

With the presence of 13 international speakers, one thousand entrepreneurs, over 300 company representatives and 850 attendees, the Externado University, in Bogotá experienced, via streaming, the most important global business event.

Also, two of the most prominent WOBI speakers visited and offered conferences at the Externado  –   Ken Segall, former creative director of Apple, and Sir Ken Robinson, authority, and leader in innovation.  The guests also met with the Rector and members of the Externadista community.

For the second consecutive year, in association with the World Business Forum (WOBI), the event was transmitted in the main auditorium, where students and alumni had the opportunity to learn, from prominent business leaders, the most efficient way of transforming the world through innovative thinking.

For two days, world-class speakers analyzed how “BETA” businesses operate, i.e. on an accelerated innovation process, basing part of the knowledge and creativity on previously developed business.

How to identify and adapt to threats and emerging disruptions? Are you prepared to face a crisis? How to change the world through the power of ideas? How to make companies attractive to ‘millennials’?  How to be good business leaders? These were some of the questions addressed at the meeting.

Externadistas had the opportunity to listen, in person, to Ken Segall, former creative director of Apple, who talked about the innovative ideas that have made Apple such a success.

Segall, who also referred to his working and personal relationship with Steve Jobs, stated the simplicity and ease of ideas were the keys to Apple becoming one of the most successful companies today. “While Dell has 26 models of computers, HP has 41, Apple has only three; and, with these three, it earns far more than its competitors,” assured Segall.

The former creative director reiterated his belief that perfection is achieved only when there is nothing more to add or remove from an idea. He added that when products are basic and can be described in an uncomplicated way, they generate love and loyalty from customers.

On the other hand, Álex Rovira, an expert in psychology and leadership, inaugurated the event and stirred the audience with fascinating stories where innovation and creativity are used as adaptive and functional leadership for survival.

As a result of oxygen deprivation, at birth, to Rick Hoyt’s brain, he was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy.  Despite medical diagnoses, Rick’s father, Dick Hoyt, decided to seek alternatives so his child could develop the same as any child of his age; he reached out to a group of experts with the goal of designing an interactive computer allowing Rick to communicate with the world.

Rather than starting a conversation with his parents, the first words coming out of the machine were ones cheering for his favorite hockey team. It was then that the father understood Rick’s passion for sports.

This is how, against all the odds, father and son decided to participate in sports, together, regardless of the complex disabilities. During the last three decades, Dick, 72 years old, has literally pushed his son in marathons and triathlons throughout the United States, thanks to the devices installed in Rick’s wheelchair.

Their message has inspired thousands of people throughout the world, encouraging them to believe, create, and achieve, despite adversity; a fundamental concept in business and innovative institutions in today’s market.

Sir Ken Robinson, authority, and leader in innovation, not only moved the audience with his talk on how to cultivate creativity, but also visited the Externado and met with the rector, Juan Carlos Henao, directors, and students.

Guest speakers included Chip Conley, entrepreneur and head of Airbnb Hospitality and Global Strategy; Carles Puyol, legendary former captain of the FC Barcelona, and Pau García – Mila, serial entrepreneur and digital strategy and innovation specialist.

One of the most applauded WOBI speakers was Simón Borrero, CEO, and co-founder of Rappi, who filled the Colombian quota on the second day of the Forum. At the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theatre, the young entrepreneur talked on how he obtained the idea for his successful business model and said he is still finalizing details to “become the Latin America Amazon.”

Borrero highlighted Colombian’s temperament and encouraged continued creation of innovative ideas to improve peoples’ quality of life.

Within the framework of the event, the Externado offered three trips to New York to participate in the WOBI Humanification Event, to be held November 17, 2017.