The Global Context has halped us to Position the Faculty of Business Administration Globally

Hernando Parra Nieto, the rector of Externado University, and Alejandro Beltrán, the dean of the Faculty of Business Administration spoke to the entire School of Administration team about the challenges and goals they will face in 2022.

In the traditional talk that the Faculty gives, the processes of international accreditation which is being evaluated, and the contributions which each member will being, as well as the challenge of returning to the in-person classes, was highlighted.

‘’The human process which demands the most of a face-to-face environment is education. We have a commitment to the education of the new generations who have confidence in the Externado and in us. I also invite you to continue innovating and creating so that we can continue to focus on what these generations are looking for’’, were some of thew words of the rector.

The dean of the Faculty highlighted the work that each member of the team does to continue positioning the Faculty of Administration in the world. ‘’We are ambassadors for the Faculty and for the University – let’s have the motivation and attitude to face the challenge of returning to face-to-face classes.’’

The Faculty of Administration will continue making a difference in the global context.