Research Directorate

The College of Business Administration at Universidad Externado de Colombia realizes that research is a fundamental basis for teaching at the university level and is an extension of quality.

Our research topics are defined as management, organization, and the business environment, forming the 3 research groups. Within these groups, our research projects develop further lines of investigation. Projects are executed  by our professors and students.

The research groups of our College, as recognized by Colciencias, are:

Group Lines of Investigation
Future Studies, Strategy, and Leadership (Recognized, Category B).
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  • Future Studies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
Organizational Management (Recognized, Category C)
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  • Human Resource Management and Organizations
  • Information Management and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Technology and Production
  • Innovation
Business Environment (Recognized, Category C)
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  • Competitiveness, Chains, and Clusters
  • Entrepreneurship and Business History
  • Internationalization
  • Corporate Social Responsability
  • Family Businesses and Corporate Governance

Research plan

The research plans explain the theories and methodologies in which each Center is interested.  This  basis contributes to the development of the lines of investigation in each group.

Editorial Products and Publications

The School of Management at the Universidad Externado de Colombia utilizes various editorial products to disclose the results of research projects of our Centers and Research Groups.


Series and Books:

Click here for more information about the series Casos Empresariales (Business Cases), Diálogos Gerenciales (Management Dialogs), and other books published by the School

Series of Working Papers

Theses and Supervisors

Topics for Theses

In order to be familiar with topics of theses that the College offers in different research lines, enter with your personal information in the interactive classroom.

Documents and guides

The instructors and students rely on a platform in which they keep a record of the progress of the tutorial of each thesis.