Registration opens for the Certification in Family Business Stability

The Externado de Colombia Business Administration Faculty invites all interested to participate in this program, held exclusively for students and graduates of our House of Studies.

The objective of the program is to expand participants’ business strategic vision, as well as encourage interest, responsibility, and sense of ownership in managing a family business.

During the course, the professors will offer students a generational management planning process for directing participants’ family-owned businesses. It will also provide tools for improving the family-student management team.

José Vargas, director of the Certification in Family Business Sustainability, states this program was created to meet the need of Business Administration students and graduates to perfect their knowledge of organizations and also give them the opportunity to improve their family businesses, even if they are not working in the company.

“In August, we begin the 20th edition of our program, which has always been characterized by having at least 24 students, i.e., a total of 12 companies, as the program includes two participants per organization,” says Vargas.

According to the director, those enrolling in the program will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in marketing, management, strategy, and will have the ability to design a company improvement plan, to be presented at the end of the program.

“The main idea is for students to be able to generate positive changes in their organizations using the tools acquired in the program. The improvement plan leads to making better diagnoses by areas without being afraid of making changes,” said Vargas.

Many of the students who have obtained the Certification state it is the perfect space to continue updating their administration education and, also, “have the experience of studying with a member of the family.”

The Certification in Family Business Sustainability teaching method is based on a combination of activities. The program comprises key conferences by the professors guiding each module, with the purpose of illustrating the fundamental conceptual bases, as well as workshops on implementing the concepts and tools presented, solving business cases on actual family-owned business situations, and complementary readings, specifically chosen for each module.

All the above, held in a work team format consisting of two (2) people – the “Father” (businessman) and “Son” (Business Administration student or graduate).