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Master’s Degree in Sports Communication and Management welcomes its second cohort

With a lunch at Casa Externadista, the faculties of Social Communication – Journalism and Business Administration gave a warm welcome to the students who make up the second cohort of the Master’s Degree in Sports Communication and Management, a pioneering postgraduate program in Colombia that brings together communication, management and sports.

Understand the advantages of circumstances / Open enrollment: Specialization in Management – Promotion 63

The Specialization in Management emphasizes the formation of leaders, strategists and organizers who work with social responsibility. It is aimed at multidisciplinary professionals who are interested in strengthening their knowledge and management skills, with a comprehensive curriculum.

Analyzing the future to act in the present

What country and what company are we going to have in the future? The Master in Strategic Thinking and Foresight with a double degree option, invites you to participate in this free virtual lecture where Foresight as a science of hope and uncertainty management will be addressed.