Master’s in International Affairs

Bogotá - presencial

3 semestres ( 4 semestres )

The Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations, pioneering program in Colombia in the study of international relations as an autonomous discipline, offers the Master in International Affairs (MAI) with emphasis on International Cooperation; Conflict, peace and security; and Latin American Studies, an interdisciplinary program in which the study of international relations is done within and from our region, with a vision of the Latin American actors and a structural and practical analysis of the political, social and economic policies of the world.

This MIA offers cutting edge training that provides students and graduates with technical tools for performing at the highest standards of expertise possible in public and private positions related with decision making at the global level. The academic structure, the pedagogical methodology, the theoretical bases and the areas of study are constantly evolving and responding to the overriding contemporary trends and needs in the social sciences.