Certificate Course in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL)

Bogotá - virtual

3 meses ( 120 horas )

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Directed at people who wish to be professional professors of Spanish by focusing on linguistic, cultural and didactic aspects.

Next Academic Cycle: from May 3 to Jun 21 of 2022.


The Certificate Course in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language—Online—offers theoretical and pedagogical tools to facilitate the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Furthermore, in this formation, concrete aspects will be reviewed both grammar related as well as didactics and intercultural aspects to be able to perform in an optimal manner in the Spanish as a foreign language classroom.

The participants will be in a position to respond efficiently to the great demand for teaching/learning of the Spanish language here in our country as well as abroad. We have a teaching staff with broad ranging experience in the formation of professors and who are constantly updating themselves on the new developments in the field.

Thanks in part to technology, today, with the advent of online education, we can go beyond our university campus and reach not only our students who are outside Bogotá but also any people from any place in the world who wish to explore this professional field.

Our study plan is made up of materials which will be used as a core element in the teaching of Spanish, for those who are just beginning as well as for those who already have experience to be able to have the opportunity of broadening and consolidating their knowledge.


Offer basic tools for teaching Spanish as a foreign language or as a second language through the knowledge and application of basic linguistic, functional and didactical aspects.


Module 1: GRAMMAR—30 hours—

Module 2: PEDAGOGY AND DIDACTICS—30 hours—

Module 3: CULTURE—30 hours—

Module 4: ASSESSMENT—30 hours—

Directed at:

Any person, Colombian or foreigner, that speaks Spanish in a fluent way (equivalent to a C1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference—CEFR). Final semester students and/or graduates of language or related degrees. Professionals or others who wish to gain expertise in the area.


The Certificate course is made up of 4 modules: Grammar, Pedagogy and Didactics, Culture and Assessment.

Once having finished and taken Module 1, you will be able to open and take Module 2 and thusly until you have finished the 4. Once having turned in grades and completed the deadline dates of the Certificate course, the student will no longer have access to the same.

The platform is active 24/7. This means you will be able to work freely at the times that are most convenient for you. You must keep the calendar and important deadlines in mind as stipulated by each professor for handing in your work and for participation in forums, among others.

Technical Requirements

  • Laptop with internet connection (preferably broadband).
  • Web browser: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Software and other applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader, word processor.
  • Valid email address.
  • Knowledge and management of user-level basic I.T. tools.


One payment of $1.480.000 Colombian Pesos (approximately 370 USD)

Externadistas or alumni $1.380.000 (you must show your Externado I.D.)

Forms of Payment

Cash payment at the University (Block A Floor 4 “PAGADURIA”), Credit card (personally or through bank wire transfer, QUICK PAY (Western Union), Banco DAVIVIENDA). PAY HERE


Liliana Rojas

cepex@uexternado.edu.co Tel. (57 1) 2 826066 (ext. 1028 y/o 1221)

Pregrado en lenguas en la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Bogotá. Magister de Lingüística hispanoamericana en el Instituto Caro y Cuervo de Bogotá. Estudios de Lingüística en la Universidad de Toulouse “Le Mirail”: Licence, Maitrise, y DEA en Sciences du Langage. Licenciatura en FLE (Francés Lengua Extranjera). Especialización en Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera en la Universidad Autónoma de México. Profesora invitada en el departamento de estudios latinoamericanos de la Universidad de Tokio durante 5 años. Profesora de cátedra en la Universidad de Estudios Extranjeros TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). Desde el 2009 coordinadora y profesora del Centro de Español para Extranjeros de la Universidad Externado de Colombia.