Econometrics Specialization

Bogotá - presencial

1 Year ( 1 año )

The econometrics specialization seeks to strengthen the professional profile of their students through the application of quantitative tools and the use of the specialized software for the analysis of data.


The curriculum in econometrics is pioneer in the region and offers to the economist and professionals of others disciplines the possibility to incorporate the statistical and econometric analysis in decision making. Similarly, develops skills necessaries to lead the creation process, analysis, and presentation of information in public and private organizations.

Because it is a program with an applied approach, counts whit a big component dedicated to the use and programing of statistic software like, Excel®, Stata®, ArcGIS ®, EViews®, etc. Similarly, it addresses issues of analysis with cross-sectional data: Microeconometrics, spatial econometrics and impact evaluation and the analysis of time series: macroeconometrics, financial econometrics and panel data models.

The econometrics specialization counts whit a calculus and algebra foundation leveling for those professionals who do not have a background in mathematics or economics.

Why study the econometrics specialization?