Master of Markets and Competition

Bogotá - presencial

3 semestres

The Joint program between the Department
of Economic Law and the Faculty of Economics

The Master's Degree in Markets and Competition aims to deepen the understanding of the competitive decisions of agents in a market and public competition policy, using concepts economic and legal, to make an approximation to the correct functioning of the markets and its implications on economic efficiency and the well-being of consumers and companies.


The competencies that the students of the Master in Markets and Competences will develop are:

  • Understanding of the economic incentives that lead market agents to make decisions regarding their competition variables.
  • Understanding of the public policy of competition in Colombia, as well as analysis compared with the regimes of other jurisdictions.
  • Development and application of empirical methods and use of theoretical foundations for the economic and legal analysis of cases related to competition policy.
  • Ability to discuss, based on economic and legal foundations, contemporary issues on free competition.

Why study the Master of Markets and Competition?

Note: The university reserves the right to suspend or postpone the course according to the reception received by the call for it. Likewise, that of incorporating modifications to the study plan and the teacher’s payroll.