Certification in Global Trade with emphasis on FTAs

Bogotá - presencial

2 meses

The Externado University of Colombia introduces the third edition of the Certification in Global Trade with emphasis on FTAs.

The program consists of 104 hours of academic work; for this, there is a virtual platform where participants can find the course’s academic content.

Currently, Colombia has over 17 existing trade agreements, creating new challenges for Law and related field practitioners, especially those in the financial area. Consequently, learning about global trade and FTAs it is not an option, as the market requires professionals to have basic and advanced knowledge of this subject and its implications.

Students of this program will be able to access the virtual classroom during their free time, and study the academic content: summaries, videos, audios, talks, texts (over 600 pages specially designed, digitized, and diagramed for students’ convenience), among many other elements guaranteeing the success of the learning process. Also, students may request explanations and assistance by the group of professors virtually following the course.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will receive a certificate indicating the student attended and passed the 104 study-hours of the Certification in Global Trade with emphasis on FTAs.

The program, unique in its kind, is the result of research carried out, over 8 years, by a group of experts. The contents of earlier versions were submitted to entities such as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and Procolombia. The new edition includes updated, interactive, and dynamic contents, together with 24-hour monitoring by a tutor.

The Certification in Global Trade with emphasis on FTAs has an approximate duration of 2 months. At the end of the program, a group of researchers will offer a one-week class where students can clear any doubts or, simply, attend key conferences (face-to-face) of the virtual modules studied.