“Self-Portrait Now” Certificate Course offered by Finnish professor, begins at the Externado

Bogotá - presencial

40 horas

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The course aims to provide innovative intervention tools in the post-conflict context, through training in basic implementation capabilities of mental and art exercises as social strengthening support.

The Course intends to generate, among participants, reflections based on their experiences, to academically contribute to integrating art in the special attention processes of vulnerable populations and victims of the armed conflict.

The course is imparted by Sanni Sihvola, professor of the Family Association FinFami Uusimaa ry, of Finland. Sanni is a choreographer with extensive experience in contemporary dance and pedagogy. She has a Master’s in Choreography and Pedagogy from the University of Arts of Helsinki (UNIARTS). Currently, she is the director-coordinator of the FinFami Uusimaa ry SPACE project, and responsible for the expansion of the Community Art project, relating to young adults, throughout Finland. The professor has been developing interventions based on art since 1997.

The program will train “trainers” or multipliers of experience and methodology, as participants are individuals who develop psychosocial actions for vulnerable populations due to different types of victimization, especially those related to the armed conflict or social violence.

The educational contents are based on different techniques, such as plastic arts, tools for the use of spoken words, contemporary dance and movement exercises, and mental awareness theories.

The themes for the artistic work emerge from participants’ personal life: each person’s autobiography becomes visible in a safe environment. The process is based on the healing power of art and personal strength providing energy and new life perspectives.

The Course is organized by the Family Association FinFami Uusimaa ry of Finland, the Ibero-American Institute of Finland and our House of Studies.