Master’s Degree in Hotel Management and Development

Bogotá - presencial

2 años ( 4 semestres )


The Master’s Program in Hotel Management and Development is the only one of its kind in Bogota and Colombia, and one of the best positioned in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is innovative in that it not only focuses on the management of hotel establishments, but also addresses the bases, concepts and processes of hotel development and Leisure Real Estate, so that the graduate leaves with a 360° knowledge not only to be able to make quick and assertive decisions on a daily basis but also to undertake new hotel projects or units related to hospitality.

It is an in-depth program, but research is not left aside; on the contrary, it is considered a cornerstone of the academic process of each student. It has a duration of 4 semesters and its curriculum consists of 58 credits divided into a first semester of foundation, followed by 2 semesters of in-depth study and one of emphasis; each semester has a structuring thematic axis that puts the academic spaces that comprise it into dialog.

Note: The University reserves the right to suspend or postpone the start of classes according to the reception received by the call and to incorporate modifications in the schedule, academic calendar and faculty.