Specialization in Tourism Management

Bogotá - presencial

2 semestres ( 252 horas )

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The Specialization in Tourism Management (EGT) responds to the needs and recent development of the national and international tourism sector. This is explained by three arguments: first, it focuses on the field of “management” instead of “planning and management”. This is because management is more closely related to knowing how to do, knowing how to operate or knowing how to solve, which is identified with the training scopes of a specialization. In a complementary way, tourism management refers to the integral approach of local stakeholders as co-responsible in the construction of an operational agenda that takes into account their visions and capacities in relation to the interests and proposals of tourism public policies. Tourism management is related to the concepts of sustainability and governance, since it is the fundamental process to ensure that what is planned is carried out effectively, with due environmental and social responsibility. Second, it offers a panoramic thematic view of tourism management that allows students to face a diversity of challenges in this field, and to be functional in different territories with a tourist vocation. Third, there is the option to carry out an emphasis in nature tourism or cultural tourism. By means of this emphasis, students can also pursue an in-depth study that allows them to have certain specific tools according to their predilection. The distinction between nature and cultural tourism covers to a great extent the diverse current typologies of tourism and responds to the diversity of tourism resources that Colombia and the Latin American region can offer in these two fields.

Note: The University reserves the right to suspend or postpone the start of classes according to the reception received by the call and to incorporate modifications in the schedule, academic calendar and faculty.