Specialization in Strategic Management for Innovative Lodging Models

Bogotá - presencial

2 semestres ( 352 horas )

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  • Start of classes: September 02, 2021

The lodging sector has proven to have the ability and capacity to innovate, thanks to the incorporation, development and application of technological solutions suitable for the improvement of the unit’s management processes. However, the sector is also concerned about making hospitality a sustainable industry. Thus, there are several challenges that every manager or mid-manager must face today: from the risks posed by the concentration of demand to the new business and distribution models that compete with the traditional ones, as well as the environmental risks facing the industry.

All of these represent important challenges that require an evolutionary adaptation of the hotel industry, hence technology, innovation and sustainability are part of the daily management of any lodging unit, regardless of its size. Within this framework, the Specialization in Strategic Management for Innovative Lodging Models was designed with the purpose of proposing a study plan based on the existence of 4 thematic modules that congregate sixteen (16) academic spaces and three (3) credits destined to electives for a total duration of 352 classroom hours and 704 hours of autonomous work by the student. All this, equivalent to 22 academic credits broken down as follows: 8 credits belonging to module 1 called Strategic Management; 4 in the module The New Era of Lodging; 3 credits in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility- CSR; 4 credits in Innovation and Digital Transformation in Lodging, and finally, 3 credits in electives.

Note: The University reserves the right to suspend or postpone the start of classes according to the reception received by the call and to incorporate modifications in the schedule, academic calendar and faculty.