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The Research Centre for Philosophy and Law has the pleasure to announce that a group of students from our University directed by our professor and researcher Nathalia Bautista Pizarro has been awarded a scholarship from the DAAD (German Service of Academic Exchange) and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) to make an “Academic trip for students group and teacher” in Germany in October 2018.

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The team of the Research Center for Philosophy and Law won the final round of the 5th Edition of the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition held on June 2nd, 2017. Natalia Silva Santaularia couched the team. Its members were Paloma Ivana Morales, Valentina Del Sol Salazar and Ricardo Arenas Ávila. This is the first time the Externado de Colombia University participates in this Moot Court.

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Dr. Yesid Reyes participated in the congress “El indulto: presente y futuro”, celebrated in the cultural center “La Corrala” in the Autonomous University of Madrid on April 20th and 21st, 2017, where he discussed “Aministías, indultos y principio de legalidad”.

Dr. Yesid Reyes intervened on March 23rd, 2017, in the Preparatory Colloquium of the International Association of Criminal Law on Criminal Justice and Corporation Bussiness from the Buenos Aires University. His lecture revolved around corporations and international crimes.

Dr. Nathalia Bautista, research professor in the Research Center for Philosophy and Law, was invited by Prof. Dr. Ivan Navas Mondaca to teach about “Fundamentos de la imputación penal” in the Economic Criminal Law and Corporate Law Diploma in the San Sebastián University in Santiago and Rancagua, Chile. Dr. Bautista also gave a lecture on “Concepto y función de la pena en la justicia transicional. El caso colombiano.” On November 15th, 2016 in the Legal Studies Institute of the San Sebastían University, where Prof. Constanza Fernández also intervened.

Dr. Yesid Reyes, director of the Research Center for Philosophy and Law, participated from November 7th to 11th, 2016 in an International Congress on “El papel de las Víctimas en el tratamiento jurídico de la violencia colectiva” organized by the General University Institute Gutiérrez Mellado (Madrid). Besides giving a closing conference on “Víctimas y fin de la pena en el derecho penal y en la llamada justicia transicional”, Dr. Reyes gave on November 11th, 2016 on the same topic in the Criminal Law Seminar of the Autonomous University of Madrid and presented a lecture about the peace process in Colombia in the “Casa de América” in Madrid.