Agreement with universities in Italy and Spain allowing dual and triple doctoral degrees

To exchange academic experiences and develop cooperation, an alliance allowing dual and triple degrees was established with two European institutions.

With the goal of encouraging and strengthening teaching, research, and social interaction, as well as offer professors and students the benefits of a cultural exchange, the Externado University signed an agreement with the Universitat de Girona, Spain and the Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy.

In particular, the agreement will focus on strengthening ties in postgraduate Law programs.

Precisely, the agreement stipulates that since the three universities have Doctoral Law programs, they will promote dual and triple international degrees. For this, each student must have a thesis director from each of the participating universities.

Among the established requirements for students, is they be admitted in the Ph.D. programs, as well as have registered and complied with the corresponding tuition costs.

On the other hand, the universalities agree to promote the exchange of Ph.D. professors and students, through joint research projects conducted at the three universities. Such initiatives will be carried out in areas mutually determined by the institutions, provided the respective financial requirements, duration, and subject matter are outlined in the call.

Edgar Cortés, Externado director of the Law Ph.D. program, and Paolo Comanducci, Philosophy of Law Professor at the Università degli Studi di Genova, will head a Committee for monitoring and compliance of the agreement.