Ambassador of Spain in Colombia, Joaquín María De Aristegui Laborde, visited Universidad Externado de Colombia

On 17 June, the Externado University President, Hernando Parra Nieto; the Secretary General, José Fernando Rubio; the Academic Director, Néstor Osuna; and the Director of Internationalisation and Foreign Relations, Giovanni Anzola, hosted a visit from the Ambassador of Spain in Colombia.

First participants of ‘Hotbed of Talent’ for the INSPIRA Programme Chosen

This INSPIRA Programme (Semilleros de Talento, as it’s known in Spanish) is a strategic alliance between the Externado University and COLFUTURO, and the aim is to jointly orientate and support students, graduates, and professors at the University who are doing post-graduate work in prestigious international universities, through COLFUTURO’s Semilllero de Talentos Programme.