Externadistas, citizens of the world

"Magical places" and "unique experiences" are some of the ways our students described their experience after completing an exchange program at the University of Saitama (Japan).

Thanks to the Sakura Science Program, Social and Human Sciences students, Sergio Vargas (Sociology), and Sophia G. Daza (Anthropology), completed a one-week academic and cultural exchange at the University of Saitama (Japan). The students were accompanied by Julián Arévalo, Dean of the Economics Faculty.

The exchange experience offered the students an opportunity to expand and enrich their knowledge on different ways of applying research, offered by one of the world’s great educational institutions; and also, the chance to come into contact with another culture and an international environment.

“Participating in the Sakura Exchange Program has been the best experience of my life. I not only had the opportunity to appreciate a new country, a new culture, the different ways of being and doing things but also enrich the knowledge acquired at the University by viewing other means of learning and acquiring knowledge. As an Anthropology student, this experience has been fundamental for my professional development; and, without a doubt, hope it will continue to be a great opportunity for other students,” said Sophia.

For his part, student Sergio Vargas added: “It is impossible not to be seduced by the futuristic appeal of Japan, its culture, its technology, its economy, and even, its gastronomy, particular, but always delicious.”

Exchange programs like this one may change the way we view the world and make us citizens of the world.