Agreement with Goethe University in Frankfurt

The agreement was signed to strengthen academic cooperation and intensify interaction between Colombia and Germany.

The two higher education institutions occupy an important place in the national and international context, and thus, have enabled to build a frame of reference to facilitate student mobility.

The agreement provides for the establishment of common activities and to promote and enrich academic, scientific, and cultural matters between the two universities, keeping in mind the institutions share the same objectives for the development of teaching and research projects.

The two universities will work together, particularly, in the fields of Law, Economics, and Social and Human Sciences. Additionally, they may organize research seminars, courses, conferences, and symposiums, among others.

The agreement also provides for academic exchanges with the aim of promoting research and training of the institutions’ teams.

Also envisioned are exchanges of experiences and guarantee of mutual support among academic peers from both institutions. Additionally, it includes the sharing of materials, such as books, publications, and research elements.

Both universities may send a maximum of two students for a one-year academic period, or four students for one semester.

The agreement, for a five-year initial period, may be renewed by mutual consent.