The Universidad Externado de Colombia offers certain incentives for exceptional students.

Honor Scholarship
According to Article 35 of the Internal Organic Rules of the university as well as Articles 55,56, and 57 of the undergraduate program, the university chooses the best students from the undergraduate program according to grade point average obtained in the prior semester.  Students with the best averages are awarded with full tuition for the semester.  Only one scholarship is awarded per 60 students (or fraction above 30) per semester.

Baldomero Sanín Cano Scholarship
This scholarship is directed towards a one year international exchange.  The university awards this scholarship to students that have been laureates.  In the Article 25 of Special Exam Rules, it specifies the merits considered for the laureate: “The person who in all evaluations obtains an average of no less than 4.5 over 5.0, who has completed an original and exceptional thesis, has presented an excellent score in the final exams, and in the point of view of the Department Director, Thesis President, Judge, and University President the student deserves such acknowledgment, the laurel will be awarded accordingly as the maximum prize awarded by the university.”

Scholarships for Post Graduate Programs
This scholarship consists of the exemption of fifty percent (50%) of total tuition costs for any Specialization or Master’s program in the School.  It is awarded to graduates that are distinguished for their outstanding academic, personal, and professional qualities. The awarding of this scholarship will take into account: professional trajectory, program evaluation results and participation in activities while representing the university.

Award Publications
Publications of acknowledgment are made for those who have shown achievements and/or outstanding contributions in academic activities.  The School makes special publications for:

  • Best grade point average per class
  • Best thesis
  • Best professional internship

Discounts for the alumni‘s children: This is a discount of 10% from the total tuition of the undergraduate program, graduates of any undergraduate program offered at the Universidad Externado de Colombia.
Discounts for Externadistas: Consists of a 10% discount from the total tuition costs for any postgraduate program offered to graduates of any undergraduate program of the Universidad Externado de Colombia.

The university offers sponsorship to students to participate in academic, cultural, or sporting events on behalf of the institution.

Academic Excellence Program
The School of Management, in recognition of its students’ high academic performance, will sponsor certain activities in which select students may participate, including:

  • Conferences abroad:
    • Harvard Social Enterprise Conference –  Boston
    • Latin American Business Association Annual Conference – Columbia University, New York
    • Doing Good and Doing Well – IESE Business School – Spain
    • Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Conference – Boston
  • Courses:
    • International Academic Program – Harvard University
    • Tendencies in Management – Umass, Amherst
    • Harvard Business School’s Design Thinking and Innovation course – Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogota
    • Antai Global Summer – Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China

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