The Faculty

The Faculty of Finance and International Relations was created in 1986 by a group of academics among whom stand out Enrique Low Multra, Carlos Restrepo Piedrahita, Pierre Gilhodes, Guy Hermet and Roberto Hinestrosa Rey (Dean of the Faculty since that time).

Its creation responded to the need to form professionals with an interdisciplinary vision who are capable of assuming leadership positions both in the private and public sectors. In 1995, the faculty added the second program called Government and International Relations which led to a change of name to “Finances, Government and International Relations”—FIGRI—to reflect the broadening of the vocational studies.

During the ten semesters of the program, different areas of studies are seen such as economics, law, political science and finances, with a major focus on international relations which has made the program in Finance, Government and International Relations a pioneering program not only in Colombia but also in Latin America.

FIGRI forms professionals with interdisciplinary criteria, capable of understanding and relating the legal, economic, financial, political and international dimensions of a situation, an issue or an event to follow up, elaborate, negotiate, apply and/or evaluate a determined situation. The alumni are prepared to assume leadership positions thanks to the clarity of their thought, the argumentative power and their facility in oral and written expression.