Renewal of FIGRI Board of Directors student representatives

The Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty opens its call for the election of the new leaders who will be part of the FIGRI Board of Directors.

Students’ voices and vote in the decisions that define the direction of the Faculty are of vital importance; thus, we invite those interested in applying to register.

Democracy and participation are key pillars to building the Faculty we all want.

If wishing to apply, some of the requirements according to the university regulations are:

  1. Be at least third-semester Finance, Government and International Relations student.
  2. Have a work plan for the representation period.

University Regulations for elections of Faculty Student Representatives

Article 1. In accordance with the provisions of article 21 of the University statutes, each Faculty and each academic Department will have its Board of Directors, which includes students of the respective teaching unit with their corresponding substitutes, elected by the students in a general vote, direct and secret, for periods of one (1) year.

Article 2. To be elected, it is required: be a current student of the respective Faculty or Academic Department for not less than one (1) year.

Registration may be completed at the following email:

The student’s primary data and a photograph must be sent to the email. This same information must be submitted if registering by platforms, adding the platform name and the semesters and programs to which they belong.

Electoral calendar for FIGRI Board of Directors Student Representatives elections:

April 19-26, 2021 Candidate Registration
April 27 to May 14, 2021 Candidate campaign
May 12, 2021 Candidate debate
May 19, 2021 Elections

 Why be a FIGRI Student Representative?

It is a space where the Faculty’s most important academic, regulatory, and disciplinary decisions are made. Likewise, ideas and projects arising from the student community are processed. It is a democratic and participatory scenario where students’ proposals may be implemented to improve their studies, services, and other conditions

Being a student representative strengthens leadership, expression, listening, coordination, and empathy skills in students. It develops the empowerment of the common problems of a faculty and the work for their improvement.

Don’t think about it anymore; sign up!