Beginning of the construction of case studies with a focus on sustainable cities and communities

The resulting products will be published in 2020 and will feed the Case Studies Bank in Social Responsibility and Sustainability which, to date, has 22 free online cases available, with private social investment and peace-building approach.

The Finance, Government and International Relations Masters in Social Responsibility and Sustainability Program, together with the Colombia Global Pact Network and the Association of Foundations and Family Business (AFE) will analyze, in 2019, six private sector initiatives contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) No. 11 – “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

Organizations and selected programs are:

1. Fundación Carvajal: Strengthening the social fabric of the community of Llano Verde, Cali.

2. Fundación Postobón: use of Tetra Pak cartons to build and donate educational furniture to public educational institutions, MiPupitre Postobón.

3. Alianza Fundación Fraternidad Medellín, Fundación Grupo Familia, Fundación Corbanacol, and Fundación Salva Terra: Adequate management of solid waste for inhabitants of Vigía del Fuerte, Urabá Antioqueño.

4. Empresa de Aseo de Pereira: Responsible management of solid hazardous waste for a sustainable Pereira.

5. Gestión Energética GENSA S.A. E.S.P.: Air quality improvement system “Mounting of a liquefied petroleum gas – LPG – ignition system for the boilers of Units I-II-III of the Paipa Thermoelectric plant.”

6. Red Colombiana de Ciudades Cómo Vamos and Fundación Corona: Civil society impact on the public policy on urban mobility and air quality in Bogotá, Medellín, and Manizales.

Case studies will be developed as graduating work by students of the VII edition of the Master’s program, with the support and advice from specialized teachers.

View the case studies here.