Externado Finance and International Relations program, rated one of the best in the country

The results were released by the Saber Pro tests. Additionally, the Program was highlighted as one of the best at the national level and at the level of institutions with a doctoral focus on the Basic Core of Administration Knowledge for 2017.

The Finance and International Relations program was recognized as one of the best at the national level and institutions with a doctoral focus on the Basic Core of Administration Knowledge for 2017. The academic quality is highlighted through the Saber Pro tests and, in particular, on the specific area tests.

Added to the above is a very positive result in the strengthening of quantitative reasoning skills, which was also among the best in the country. Additionally, the indicators showed a very good level of employability in relation to the region, as well as a very good level of English and mobility abroad.

The first recognition was awarded by the Ministry of National Education Modelo de Indicadores del Desempeño de la Educación – MIDE (Model of Education Performance Indicators), which uses different sources of statistical information to provide higher education institutions, families, and students relevant information on the quality of universities and their programs.

The “MIDE Administration,” name of the first model by areas of knowledge, classified the University in the group “Institutions with PhD in Administration” together with 12 other institutions having one or more PhD programs in the Basic Core of Administration Knowledge for 2017. This is based on eight dimensions, one process, and seven results.

The dimension measuring students’ progress is Value Added. It measures the evolution of the skills acquired by students, comparing the results of Saber 11 and Saber Pro tests. Thus, it is a variable that examines students’ process during their University tenure. This dimension is divided into two indicators: Value-Added in Quantitative Reasoning and Value Added in Critical Reading:

Added Value in Quantitative Reasoning: The program ranked fourth out of a total of 49 programs evaluated. The result was very positive in that the indicator exceeds the 1.5 average standards, which equals 50. This result suggests the University improved students’ competences in Quantitative Reasoning.

Value added in Critical Reading: The program ranked 11 of 49. However, this indicator is a challenge for the program, as the results were below the average.

On the other hand, the Externado University program ranked in the Saber Pro tests, in 2017, as one of the best in the country, in the following points:

  • Quantitative Reasoning: Ranked third in the group with PhD programs, out of 49; and fifth on the national level, out of 458.
  • Critical Reading: Ranked fourth among 49 evaluated, and ranked eighth nationwide, among 458 programs.
  • Written Communication: Ranked third among 49, and fifth nationwide.
  • Citizenship Skills: Ranked fifth in the PhD programs group and 11 at the national level.
  • Specific Skills: Presented tests in Financial Management and Projects Formulation, Valuation and Management, and ranked first in both the Group of institutions with a PhD focus and at the national level.

These two results amply highlight the Finance and International Relations program in this area at the national level. Another very positive result was the one in the English language, placing sixth at the national level and third in comparison with its reference group. Additionally, it ranked fourth among the institutions with a doctoral focus sending students abroad.

As far as the research dimension, the model shows strengths in products related to human resources training facing social appropriation of knowledge and new knowledge. This is explained by a vocation for training new researchers rather than progress in the state of the art or development of innovation and technology.

Lastly, the permanence dimension shows how the association of the program is up to par with the association rate in the region, which in this case, is Bogotá.