Populisms: historical perspectives and current situation

The Finance, Government and International Relations Ph.D. in Political Studies Program will periodically offer a space for discussion on relevant issues impacting the Latin American region.

“Populisms: historical perspectives and current situation” is the first of a series of talks to analyze, among doctoral candidates or those interested in pursuing a PhD, the current problems in politics.

The discussion, headed by Javier Torres, PhD Program director, and one of the Professors, Graziano Palamara, will be open to a maximum of 15 persons.

This event intends to promote a reflection on one of the phenomena that are sealing the current historical and political situation. Populisms are having a strong impact on systems and countries, independently if they are considered an ideology, a rhetorical style, or rather, a vision of the world.

Certainly, there is a need to question the phenomenon’s meaning and scope; it is necessary to better understand the changes and the continuities of the present time; particularly, from a doctoral program whose mission is to investigate and explore the main areas in which the most significant political studies debates are presented.