MUNEXT 2019 “A step forward’

For four days, hundreds of students convened at the Externado de Colombia University to participate in a project characterized for its high academic standards and impeccable organization.

This year the project, the result of the dreams and efforts of several generations of Externadistas, was consolidated. After months of intense work and academic preparation, students from our House of Studies, as well as other universities and high-schools, participated in the second edition of the Externado de Colombia University Model United Nations, headed by students of the School of Finance, Government and International Relations.

In addition to being a space for dialogue and debate, comprising innovative themes motivating the analysis of all types of situations at national, regional, and international levels, MUNEXT is a project created and carried out by students with the support of the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty, in accordance with the guiding principles of the Externado de Colombia University. In effect, this model is characterized by its high academic standards, innovative and challenging proposals, and respect for ideas and debate.

From the start, the Secretary-General of the second edition of MUNEXT urged attendees to let go, shed their fears, and challenge themselves in a space created, precisely, to learn, from themselves as well as their colleagues. And, that is the way it happened, from the opening ceremony where Edgar Cortés, Externado Rectory Assistant, reminded attendees that the present, not the future, of our country, is in the hands of students like them, committed to discussion of ideas, respect, and continuous learning.

At the sessions of the different committees, our House of Studies witnessed how young people supported their ideas with clear, structured arguments, consistent with the positions defended in each of the roles assigned to them.

Without a doubt, the second edition of the Externado de Colombia University Model United Nations took “a step forward” and generated anticipation on future editions of this meeting.