Maturity for peace in Colombia

Professors Irene Cabrera and Camilo Echandía, of the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty, launch this book addressing the territoriality evolution and the strategies in the Colombian armed conflict.

The two Externado de Colombia professor-researchers began compiling data for this research project in 2012; the 314-page work contains over 59 maps and graphics supporting the text.

In the book Madurez para la paz” (Maturity for peace), Irene Cabrera and Camilo Echandía present, in six chapters, territorial and strategic historical transformations, and the main protagonists of the armed conflict.

The first three chapters pertain to armed organizations and paramilitary groups, the ELN and the FARC, how they operated, from their beginnings to present day, and their retreat to the border zones.

The fourth and fifth chapters delve into this topic and its significance in the borders, within the framework of the recent conflict evolution.

The researchers note that the book’s main contribution starts from the sixth chapter, which talks about the differences between the peace process of the Santos Government compared to other initiatives dating back to the 80s. “There, readers will find maturity conditions, territorial as well as strategic, to then reach a possible end to the conflict through negotiated means and understand why the different actors have preferred to seek a resolution through dialogue versus conflict,” stated Professor Cabrera.