FIGRI signs new academic cooperation agreement

New mobility and internationalization opportunities are created for students of the Specialization in Political Marketing and Campaign Strategies.

The agreement, signed between the Political Communication and Campaign Strategies Quality Graduate Programs Network of the Latin American Association of Researchers on Electoral Campaigns (ALICE), and the University Externado de Colombia, launched the recognition and credits transfers among six of the best Political Communication post-graduate programs in Latin America.

Under this agreement, students of the Specialization in Political Marketing and Campaign Strategies may pursue academic credits in another network program, recognized by the program of origin, or the transfer of completed credits, for continuity or access to studies in other programs not part of the network.

ALICE is an organization focusing on the study of the new challenges facing political and electoral communication. It is a space open to specialists and researchers in the discipline; a place to discuss, share, and advance in the exciting world of political communication and campaign strategies.

In this order of ideas, the agreement expects to strengthen a Latin American cooperation network, promoting the training of researchers and practitioners, at the graduate level, in the areas of political communication, election campaigns, election analysis, and public opinion. Also, the agreement calls for research tenures and professors and students mobility between institutions forming part of the network.

Additionally, the agreement includes the organization of collaborative seminars and specialized courses contributing to reflection, analysis, and training of specialists in these issues, to be held in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

This cooperation agreement confirms, once again, the academic excellence and recognition of the Specialization in Political Marketing and Campaign Strategies program at national and international levels. Certainly, this is a program characterized by an academic proposal which, in addition to having an approach combining theory with practice, is tuned to the needs and goals of its students.

In fact, ALICE highlights the Media-Training creative laboratory as one of the program’s strengths, which could be attractive to students from different universities who also benefit from this academic cooperation agreement.

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