Externado and Andes, winning universities at MUNEXT 2018

The event held February 23-26, 2018, was supported by the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty and the commitment of several students who made this collective dream a reality.

For four days, the Externado de Colombia University opened its doors to all international relations, economics, and politics devotees. MUNEXT 2018 is a United Nations model compiling innovative themes promoting scenarios for discussion and debate.

Participating in the event were students from different high-schools (Liceo Boston, Liceo Campestre, of Pereira, and Gimnasio Campestre San Rafael) and universities in the country (Nacional, los Andes, Rosario, Javeriana, among others).  Each was assigned a country, a position, or an individual, of which students took on the role within a Committee and a stage where they discussed real situations.  The conclusions were recorded in various documents and read during the closing ceremony held Monday, February 26, 2018.

Also, the Chairmen and executive members of the various committees announced the outstanding characters in each delegation, and the best delegations, divided into three categories: small (3 to 6 members); medium (7-10 members), and large (11 to 15 members).

The Externado University won the award for the best small delegation, and the Universidad de los Andes obtained the award in the best medium and large categories.

The event was inaugurated by the Externado University Rectory, the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty, and the MUNEXT 2018 General Secretariat, made up of three students: Daniela, Lucía, and Lina.

“This is a space for freedom, allowing debate, discussion, and talk, based on the concept that free expression, respect for others, and tolerance are the fundamental pillars of society,” said Lucía Filipo,  Finance, Government and International Relations student, and Chancellor of the Externado United Nations model.

Lastly, to close the event with flying colors, MUNEXT 2019 was welcomed, and the directive positions announced: Andrés Cruz will succeed Lucía Filipo as Chancellor; María Paula Díaz will replace Lina Sánchez as Logistics Secretary, and Lizeth Lara will be the new Academic Secretary, replacing Daniela Díaz.