University College London students begin Summer School program at the Externado

This exchange project allows our students to participate in Global Management Summer School at UCL and those from the British University to come to understand the political and economic context of Latin America, in our Study House.

During the next two weeks, students from University College London—UCL will participate in the summer course “Latin American Business Context: New Challenges for Emerging Markets”, a joint program of the Faculties of Government and International Relations and the Faculty of Business Administration of the Universidad Externado de Colombia. The course is developed in the framework of the agreement between the two institutions which allows Externadista students to attent the Global Management Summer School of UCL without having to pay tuition nor accommodations.

The objective of the course is to offer the participants a series of theoretical, conceptual and practical tools to understanding Colombia, an emerging country that is in a post-conflict process and facing new challenges in the fields of economics, finances and politics.

The first half of the summer course shall be carried out by the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations, which has planned and foresees a busy academic agenda with professors from the distinct areas.

In fact, under this interdisciplinary focus, students will receive conferences on the financial climate in Latin America, social entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility in Colombia, among others and shall carry out visits to governmental institutions and private companies. All the above with the aim of providing students with a comprehensive global vision on the challenges that emerging markets are facing.

In this way, the students shall visit the Diplomatic Academy and the Agency for the Reintegration and the Normalization together with expert professors on the topics managed by these institutions. Likewise, they will carry out a field trip in which they will get to know up-close a socially responsible and sustainable start-up.

Additionally, the exchange students will have the space to get to know the cultural and gastronomic offerings of Bogotá together with Externadista students who have offered to accompany them during their stay in Colombia.