Statistics for Social Sciences

In the #RecomendadoFigri, Professor John Moreno, of the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty, presents this work on research carried out in his classes at the Externado.

Given the importance for social sciences research to have a versatile and solid tool for processing, analysis, and decision-making based on data, it is necessary to have a reference text allowing the social researcher to quickly study some of the key concepts of descriptive statistics, probability, inference, and categorical data analysis.

The text “Estadísticas para Ciencias Sociales” (Statistics for Social Sciences)” by Professor Moreno, now available at the University bookstore, responds to that need.

John Moreno joined the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations in 2008, and, since then, coordinates the Numerical Operations and Economics Observatory. “This book is the product of my teaching work, with undergraduate and graduate students, in the field of statistics, probability, and analysis,” stated Moreno.

The text’s main objective is to introduce the principal references related to these issues, seeking, whenever possible, that examples, applications, and exercises are framed in contexts close to those of interest to the social researcher.