The Public Policy Reference: four case studies. An approach from Colombia

The Publications Department and the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty introduce this book, edited by professor-researchers Patricia Herrera Kit, Jorge Iván Cuervo, and Claudia Lugo Upegui.

The book represents a contribution to the study of public policy analysis approaches, in particular, to the Reference Model by Pierre Muller and Jobert. Since the use of this model is less frequent in Latin American works, the book seeks to present the content and the contributions this approach offers in analytical and explanatory terms. Consequently, it is particularly useful for academics, students, and public policy analysts, as well as decision-makers in the most diverse sectors of national and territorial public action.

The book contains five chapters; first, it sets out the content of the model. Then, based on the results of four research works performed by students of the Masters in Government and Public Policies program, adapted for this publication, the following chapters show, as the book publishers indicate, “(…) the usability and versatility of the conceptual mesh of the referential approach to analyze the most diverse public issues, as well as the different moments of the ‘life cycle’ of a public policy.”