Government and International Relations Program prepares to receive international accreditation report

ICAPA academic peers evaluated the Government and International Relations Program.

Within the framework of the Externadista evaluation and accreditation philosophy, the School of Finance, Government and International Relations, presented the Government and International Relations Program to the International Commission on Accreditation of Public Administration Education and Training Programs –ICAPA – to initiate the international accreditation process.

The ICAPA assures the academic programs adhere to the following standards: (i) commitment to public service;  (ii) valuation of collective interest; (iii) combination of academia, practice, and community service; (iv) praise by the academic community and teaching faculty; (v) social inclusion; (vi) purposive and relevant curricula;(vii) availability of necessary resources, and (viii) balance between collaboration and academic competency.

To prepare for the accreditation process, the Government and International Affairs Program performed a self-assessment and created a report evidencing the Program’s relevance for international accreditation. The visit, with great expectations, took place from  Sunday, October 21,  through Tuesday, October 23, 2018, and was headed by  Dean Roberto Hinestrosa; Administrative Director, Clara Inés Rey, and Gonzalo Ordóñez, director of the Center for Research and Special Projects – CIPE.

After two exhausting days, the international accreditation peers, Allan Rosenbaum, Ludmila Gajdosova, and Polya Katsamunska, recognized the School’s significant achievements of which, according to them, “we should be very proud.”

The peers highlighted the excellence of the program, the professors’ commitment to their work, and students’ participation and enthusiasm. They also highlighted the University areas for students, such as the Library meeting rooms, classrooms, and the University gardens.

The two-day visit comprised meetings with the program coordinators, senior and junior teaching faculty, groups of students of different semesters; Chair and Student Council representatives, and alumni. The peers toured the campus, visited the Library, and the various University buildings. Additionally, they had the opportunity to view, first hand, the student project “TEDXUExternado.”

The evaluation peers made valuable observations and recommendations which will be sent in writing within the next few weeks. Once the document is reviewed, they will submit it, for evaluation, to the 17 international members comprising the ICAPA, who will determine the number of years of accreditation granted to the Government program. This process can take between 2 and 3 months. According to the evaluators, the program would have the option of obtaining accreditation for 3 or 6 years with comments, taking into account the maximum period is 6 years.