Externado graduate awarded a Fellowship in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Program (YLAI)

Adriana Cristina Prieto Moreno, a Finance, Government and International Relations graduate, will be part of the program seeking to train and form innovative leaders.

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) empowers entrepreneurs and innovative society leaders to strengthen their ability to launch and promote their entrepreneurial ideas and effectively contribute to social and economic development in their communities.

Adriana Cristina Prieto Moreno, a 2013 Externado graduate, was selected for fellowship in the fields of specialization offered by the program. The appointment offers her the opportunity to acquire valuable professional development skills at United States business organizations and work together on an action plan to be carried out upon return to her home country.

The Externadista is an entrepreneur, founder of Mundo Sin Límites, an organization offering clients access to international academic experiences, and develops links between educational institutions abroad and people seeking to learn a new language or pursue professional studies.

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) program attracts candidates from over 30 countries.  This year, more than 4000 applications were received, from which 250 candidates were selected. From Colombia, 20 individuals were selected; Adriana Cristina Prieto is currently the only YLAI 2017 Fellow graduated from the Externado de Colombia University.

“It gives me great pleasure to share this news with my alma mater, as I have a great fondness and appreciation for all the teachings received throughout my studies and for contributing to the development of the person I am today.” I studied Finance with the goal of applying the knowledge to my own business, and I am very happy and pleased to be able to say it has become a reality,” stated Prieto.

After completion of the scholarship in the United States, YLAI professionals continue their collaboration with partners from the United States and have access to opportunities for professional development, mentoring, networking and alumni activities. YLAI professional Fellows are eligible for innovation grants to fund or contribute to their projects and also, travel scholarships to attend conferences, among others.