Two books with the keys to learning financial operations

In #RecomendadoFigri, Leonardo Sampayo presents two publications for all interested in delving into financial problems.

With over 20 years of experience, the Professor of the Finance, Government and International Relations, Economics, and Accounting Faculties, introduces two publications to guide students in acquiring the basic concepts of mathematics used in the solution of financial problems.

programs. It was then, from his experience, he saw the need to compile in academic texts, detailed explanations of each topic, together with clear planning and developing, step by step, each of the multiple examples of financial operations.

“The manual is as if students had a teacher at home; it explains all the elements of financial mathematics, unadorned, simply aiming for the information to be understandable,” says Sampayo.

The first book, with two editions, features various tricks and teaching strategies learned throughout his teaching career, so students may easily understand the topics.

Also published, together with the first book, is El Taller de Operaciones Financieras,” where the reader finds a variety of exercises to acquire the skills needed to strengthen knowledge acquired.

The author states “to learn financial mathematics, not only knowledge is needed, but also practice and repetition. For this reason, we have the workshop, where readers can reach basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.”