FIGRI Day, an opportunity to grow

A space designed for the FIGRI community, aiming to propose dynamics for discussion, analysis, and learning, in an interdisciplinary and creative manner. Learn about the programming and take an active part in FIGRI Day.

Committed to providing new spaces for the FIGRI community, and discuss current issues and enrich the debates taking place in the Faculty classrooms, an agenda has been designed where students, professors, and researchers can discuss topics ranging from Fintech to professional skills workshops.

As is customary, throughout the day we will have simultaneous conferences in different areas of the University. During the day, participants may attend three different events, for example: participate in a conference on investment management, in a forum with FIGRI graduates who are City Government officials, and end with an Intelligent Movement session. In this way, each person can program their FIGRI Day according to their interests and preferences.

The objective is for all members of the FIGRI community to join the different programmed spaces and learn about the topics being addressed. All undergraduate and graduate students, professors, researchers, and special guests are welcome.

The invitation, as in past versions, is to take advantage of these spaces, dare to learn about new topics, apply what has been learned in the classrooms, learn approaches from other disciplines and, above all, “understand the world to act in it.”

Following is the agenda for the next FIGRI Day:

September 19, 2018
Location* /
Building A
E-207 E-103 E-301
9 to 11 am Non-financial lessons by financial professors Between conservation and exploitation? The CAN environmental debate Investment management in the context of the new information technologies Leave your mark, become a volunteer
11 to 1 pm Uber and Fintech: technologies transforming the world Bogotá Summit: FIGRI in the City Government Black Mirror: fact or fiction? What does the CIPE contribute to  RRII? Investigative work in 2018
Locations* /
Hall of mirrors Main University Square
Starting at a 1 pm
2 to 4 p. LK Intelligent movement practice** Trans-parade: competition of daring monologues and discussion group. Experiential professional skills workshop