Cognitive Grammar Course for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Online training

Grammar is one of the central elements in the teaching-learning process of Spanish as a Foreign Language and, in turn, it is a problematic field for teachers.

This course is designed for participants to appropriate a new approach to view and apply grammar in the classroom.

Directed to: Teachers wishing to explore new proposals for teaching Spanish grammar to international students.

The course lasts 5 weeks, 48 ​​hours (equivalent to 3 credits of the Externado de Colombia University Specialization in Teaching Spanish for Foreigners). From June 17 to July 27, 2020


-Review the theoretical and practical bases allowing the Spanish teacher to appropriate the particular uses of Spanish grammar and strategies to address them in the Spanish as a Foreign Language class.

-Recognize the role of grammar in the teaching-learning foreign language processes.

-Recognize the contributions by recent approaches made to the teaching of foreign languages

-Reflect on the grammatical issues that generate difficulties in the teaching-learning processes of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Investment: $ 1,100,000 (COP)

Headed by: Gloria Viviana Nieto (Instituto Caro y Cuervo)

At the conclusion of the course, participants will receive an electronic certificate issued by the Externado de Colombia University.

Advance registration (no cost) at the following link: