OPERA Journal: Call for papers – Public Policies Dossier

The OPERA Journal has opened the call for submission of papers for the Dossier “Public policies in and from Latin America. Diversities and Planetary Emergency in the policy process.”

The deadline for receipt of articles is September 15, 2021.

Taking into account the limited attention given to the ethnic-racial and environmental diversities of the Latin American scene in the public policies processes and the insufficient knowledge produced from the region on these dimensions, we invite researchers from different disciplines and institutions to send their contributions with a view to determining the viability of a research agenda on public policies in and from Latin America.

Research articles in Spanish or English are accepted.

Purposes of Opera Journal No. 31:

The Journal dossier’s objective is to encourage the production of scientific articles that reflect on the specificities of public policy research on and from the environmental and ethnic particularities of Latin America and/or the planetary emergency. The call requests articles giving greater attention and depth to three issues:

  1. The development of theoretical and methodological frameworks for public policies allowing to account for the basic distribution of natural resources in the Latin American (or national) reality. With this common thread, public policy researchers are invited to reflect on the purpose of public policy research and what it should legitimize in and from our Global South.
  2. The promotion of epistemic diversity as an analytical category in the public policies process in the region, allowing learning other realities. In this scenario, it calls to reconsider the need to legitimize local knowledge and its potential to catalyze the adjustment between the way public policy disciplines are practiced and how the subcontinent is governed or tends to be governed.
  3. The intelligence approach required in public policies for the directive effectiveness of governments in the complex context of the planetary emergency (IPCC 2018; Lenton et al., 2019). The question is: what should legitimize this knowledge? Public policy researchers are invited to submit scientific papers that contribute to developing a democratic vision, planetary identity and consciousness, human and animal dignity, and the political equality of all living beings.


Guest editors:

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