To learn about Europe’s history before and after the Second World War: the goal of the 2019 Academic Trip

Delving into the details of the destruction of Europe during WW2, through visits to emblematic sites and learning about the subsequent transformation of the continent through the creation of multilateral bodies, is the main objective of the 2019 Academic Trip to Europe.

The emergence of the European Union and its achievements, together with the analysis of other institutions leading to the most advanced integration process in the planet and the establishment of a peace zone, will be examined.

During our academic tour, we will visit the cities of Berlin – Krakow (Auschwitz); Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Nuremberg, Strasbourg, Brussels, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, and Paris.

What is included?

Roundtrip air tickets and admission fees to all the sites included in the program. Bus transportation between cities. A tour guide during the entire trip and a tour of all the destinations visited — double or triple room in 3-star (minimum) hotels, including breakfast.


To secure your reservation, a 100,000 pesos deposit must be made into the account provided by the organizer, no later than march 15, 2019.


The cost will vary according to the number of people traveling, which must be a minimum of 15. This way, the amounts are as follows:

  • 15 persons: USD 5,492
  • 20 people: USD 5,140
  • 25 people: USD 4,764