How to make your money go further?

The Externado Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty offered a training program to residents of the Egypt District. Members of the community obtained basic instructions on managing their finances.

Since 2017, the Externado has consolidated work with the Egypt District, one of the University’s three adjacent neighborhoods. Intervention programs have been developed, with training programs, a volunteer one called “Learn while leaving a mark,” and another named “Talks with Egypt.”

According to Erli Margarita Marín, Finance, Government and International Relations (FIGRI) Associate Professor and CIPE researcher, the goal is to offer programs “useful for people’s life” and facilitate certain issues that at first, seem difficult, such as the case of personal finances.

The Faculty intends to help build solutions for the district residents, who face different problems, as they are vulnerable from many points of view.

The 20-hour course, requested by the community, was imparted by Juan Camilo González, Professor of the Faculty’s School of Finance, who, additionally, has experience in financial education for vulnerable populations.