“It takes only one person with courage to start”

The Externado welcomed the visit by Indian author and Professor Ravindra Kumar, an authority on the teachings of pacifist leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar is the author of over 100 books and 400 articles on the liberation movement in India. During his lecture, he stressed the importance for Colombia to try to work towards a system based on equality, to form a society where no one fears violation of his or her rights.

The writer stressed the relevance of building a nation of mutual trust and advised to act with a non-violent spirit in all situations life. He stated “we are the caretakers of the next generation. We all have the obligation of filling this country with confidence and courage (…). It takes only one person with the courage to start.”

The Professor said that in the country, we need to make continuous efforts to develop a spirit of responsibility in Colombians, especially young people. Also, to understand democracy as a political system that pays special attention to minorities, and develops a nationalism spirit with a wide and international perspective, as we now live in a globalized world.

To begin the road to peace, any country must understand the roots of violence cannot be found in contemporary times; on the contrary, it should go back to ancient times.

The guest explained how the pacifist teachings of Mahatma Gandhi brought freedom to India. Gandhi said everyone must have goodwill towards their neighbor and all living beings inhabiting the world. Thus, the non-violence philosophy will lead to harmonious collaboration and cooperation for a full life.

Ravindra mentioned India is a country wishing to be prosperous to serve humanity, not only to position itself as a world power. That is not the purpose, stressed the scholar.

At the beginning of the event, Juan Carlos Henao, Externado Rector, expressed his gratitude for having such an illustrious individual at our House of Studies.  Also attending were Roberto Hinestrosa, Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty Dean, and Luz Amalia Camacho, Dean of the Social Communication – Journalism Faculty.

At the end of the conference, Ravindra Kumar thanked the University, the Rector, and Ravi Bangar, the Ambassador of India in Colombia.

The Finance, Government and International Relations Center for Studies and Services on Contemporary India and Southern Asia (CESICAM) organized the talk.  Also, the event had support from the Embassy of India and the Indian Council of Cultural Affairs.