Online information session: Masters in Strategic Management of Information Technologies

Fecha: 7 of february

Hora: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lugar: Online

On February 7, 2019, the Masters in Strategic Management of Information Technologies will offer this ONLINE counseling space for those interested in pursuing the graduate program. The Program Director will address objectives, curriculum, duration, registration process, and requirements, among others.

Why study a Masters in Strategic Management of Information Technologies?

The program has the goal to train professionals who contribute to an organization through the appropriation of knowledge and methodologies allowing Colombian enterprises to achieve competitive advantages leveraged with information technologies (IT). These benefits are achieved when organizations conceive, justify, assess, and implement information technologies aligned with strategy and objectives. These innovations should be led by professionals with superior managerial ability and excellent knowledge of information technologies.

Also, the program seeks to expand and develop advanced knowledge for dealing with the inadequate alignment of information technology-related business problems. Participants will develop capabilities to define the organization’s strategy; ensure the alignment of information technology resources; manage the organization conversion towards a digital environment, and manage information services supporting the strategic requirements for achieving long-term competitive benefits in local and global environments.

To achieve integration in the professional practice, a face-to-face modality will be applied, using a methodology incorporating the study of the two disciplines on which the program is based, and the construction of analytical tools adaptable to the diversity of conditions encountered by IT processes.

Program differentiators

* Internationalization: Participation in different national and international educational spaces allowing the creation of knowledge through exchanges, from a multicultural perspective; thus, enriching managers’ vision. Hence, generating learning capabilities and decision making in a competitive environment.

* Corporate involvement: Through participation in the Plan Padrinos and the Emerging Markets Initiative (EMI), students perform a University-business approach exercise addressing real organizational challenges. In EMI, participants solve problems from an interdisciplinary and intercultural vision, as the teams are made up of students from universities across the world. This results in the generation of project management skills, experiential learning, and the adaptation of theory to context.

* Academic excellence: Promotion of participation in seminars and conferences at the best universities throughout the world, by recognizing academic performance.

* Personal skills: Characteristics differentiating our program from national and regional offers: Provides greater relative weight to the education curriculum regarding Leadership Skills, Strategic Thinking, and IT Management Skills. The program incorporates IT Management Services, which has gained great importance in practice and includes materials aimed at developing, in the student, an expanded perspective and analytical thinking on the major themes related to technology change, such as the subjects of Sustainable Development, Environment and Competitiveness, and Digital Transformation.

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