Online Information Session – Masters in Business Innovation Management

Date: 27 of june of 2019

Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Place: Online

The Masters in Business Innovation Management offers this online counseling space for those interested in pursuing the graduate program. The Program Director will address objectives, curriculum, duration, registration process, and requirements, among others.

Why study a Master’s in Business Innovation Management?

Innovation has been defined as a complex and creative process, essential for the development of the economy, comprising the creation of a new product or service, the use of a new production process, or the introduction of a new organizational or commercial management method (Schumpeter, 1976). There are a variety of descriptions of the phenomenon highlighting the multiplicity of possible innovation manifestations, beyond the proposed value of technological innovation.

The tendency to focus organizations and individuals towards innovation has emerged as a need generated from the globalization process, which has converted this capability into a competitive force for organizations in the face of an increasing number of competitive emerging economies, in terms of difference in costs and technological equipment (Global Foundation for Management Education, 2008).

Double Degree

Under an agreement between the Externado de Colombia University (UEC) and the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona, students who have completed their studies in Colombia, are eligible for a second Master’s in Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurship at the IED. This option requires an application process by the students wishing to pursue the program and a joint selection process by the UEC and IED.

The IED was founded in 1966 in Italy. In Spain, it is recognized as a Private Center of Higher Artistic Design Education (Organic Law 2/2006, May 3, and Royal Decree 1614/2009, of October 26). The IED offers legally recognized degrees in Design, 1 and 3-year degree courses, to obtain, upon completion, an IED diploma, widely recognized in the professional world, master courses, specialization programs, and summer courses.

The IED courses and training programs anticipate trends. IED represents a conceptual summit of innovation – several professionals from different fields come together to combine and enrich the areas and disciplines.

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