Masterclass: Legal Approach to Global Business in the Digital Age

Date: 25 of february of 2021

Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Place: Plataforma Virtual Zoom

The Masters in Business Internationalization invites to the Masterclass "Legal approach to global businesses in the digital age."

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The accelerated development of the internet and the global pandemic have created new opportunities and, therefore, new business models developed virtually in their entirety that fulfill particular market niches. Businesses such as ‘cryptocurrency’ distribution houses, Google ads, electronic franchises, stock market investment applications, social networks advertising, and even mirrors that become home gyms are just a few examples.

The Masterclass aims to examine and analyze the essential elements of these new businesses. Likewise, we will study its legal implications and the risks inherent to these contracting and cybersecurity types. Lastly, we will carry out a future prospecting of the development of these new commercial structures, taking into account the latest digital data protection regulations adopted by legislation in recent times.

Nicolás Lozada Pimiento – Partner of the firm Rincón Cuéllar & Asociados, where he focuses on Legaltech, dispute resolution, and international trade. Much of his career has been devoted to promoting the use of technology in justice, a topic on which he has written articles and given numerous lectures, including a TED Talk. In this framework, he was the Colombia delegate in Group III of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) on online dispute resolution.

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