“Emprende+ Marathon: no more excuses, spend time developing your business idea”

Date: 3 of march of 2019

Time: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Place: Universidad Externado de Colombia

The Emprende+ Marathon is the first space of this kind, designed by the School of Management, with the goal to offer active undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni the opportunity to obtain advice and support in launching their entrepreneurship ideas. There is no cost to participate in the event.

“Colombians are the most entrepreneur-oriented individuals in Latin America and the third worldwide. This point is stated in the latest edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, indicating that 53 percent of citizens intend to create an enterprise; this number is decreased to 35.5 percent at the regional level (Latin American),” stated Gloria Marlene Díaz, Director of the Emprende+ unit.

However, adds Professor Díaz: “We are the country with the highest entrepreneurial morbidity. I would guess that roughly 20 percent of the entrepreneurship ideas that start eventually die; around 70 percent (of the ideas) for not having started with a business model formulated to the market needs, with a differentiated product, innovation, and management innovation coupled with management skills.”


Convocatoria Maratón E+

What is the Emprende+ Marathon?

“The School of Management has only 20 spots available for the Certification in Entrepreneurship. Normally, about 250 individuals apply for the program, of which 120 are interviewed. The Emprende+ Marathon’s objective is for people who do not have access to strengthening business ideas and concepts within the Certification program, may do so through this new program.

… We want to leave all entrepreneurs the message on the importance of differentiation, social impact, Sustainable Development Objectives, and profitability.” stated Díaz.

What will happen with the Entrepreneurship Certification?

The process has changed. A separate call to participate in the Certification in Entrepreneurship will no longer be made.

Now, the 20 best ideas reaching the Marathon finals will be automatically entered in the Entrepreneurship Certification program.

Why participate in the marathon?

· Can participate in the selection process to obtain a space in the Certification in Entrepreneurship, if the idea is among the finalists.

· Will obtain free and professional advice on my entrepreneurship idea.

· Can “materialize” my business idea to get it started.

· Will get a certificate of the business idea.

· Will be able to transform and empower the business idea by making it relevant to the enterprise development environment and exponentially improve the chances of success.

Is my business idea good?

“All ideas are good and have the possibility of satisfying a need. ”The Emprende+ Marathon teaches to maximize the idea, build it with knowledge, and also allows converting it into an innovative initiative that becomes disruptive, if the entrepreneur so desires,” said Gloria Marlene Díaz.

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